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Bed and breakfast Mantua

If you are looking for a Bed and Breakfast in Mantua, Ca’ delle Erbe is the right place for you.

A B&B in the centre of Mantua in the setting of Piazza delle Erbe. It is a short walk away from the Basilica di Sant’Andrea and from other prestigious Mantua’s piazzas and palazzi.

Choose Ca’ delle Erbe to really experience the Gonzagas’ splendid city. Mantua is surrounded by three lakes, namely Superiore, di Mezzo and Inferiore. These lakes were created by the channelling of the Mincio river during the twelfth century.

You will be able to look out over Piazza delle Erbe, the historical piazza of Mantua’s commerce, as well as the Palazzo del Podestà, the Palazzo della Ragione, the Torre dell’Orologio and the Rotonda of San Lorenzo (the oldest Church in the city, dating back to the eleventh century).

You will be a stone’s throw from the Palazzo Ducale, a true palazzo city which was the seat of the Gonzagas. You will fall in love with the buildings connected to one another by galleries, harmoniously integrated with courtyards and gardens, some of which are elevated. You will also come across the very famous Room of the Newlyweds by Mantegna.

Take a look at our bed and breakfast, our facility can offer you the beautiful rooms and fabulous Luxury suites of Ca’ delle Erbe. These are One Thousand and One Nights’ rooms; why not treat yourself to an unforgettable stay?
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